Get Ready for 2018 With These Amazing Looks!

Jan 10 2018

2017 was a year of breakout style and amazing looks that had people rushing to their local salon. While many looks were updates on the bright colors and undercuts of the last few years, so many more were quirky creations that ranged from glitter explosions and buzz cuts.

Here at Studio and Salon Branca we had a great year seeing some amazing looks and colors develop. We are looking forward to another great year full of stunning looks and amazing creations.

We have ramped up our creativity, sharpened our shears and are ready to create something head-turning.

Here are some of our predictions for 2018 style

From the runway to the pages of popular style magazines some of these looks have begun to appear, giving us a look into what’s coming. We hope you are as excited for some of these looks and trends as we are.

Wet and Frizzy

We have seen the wet hair look come and go over the years, but this year it has returned to the runway in a streak of blazing color! Featuring messy half-done looks and streaks of dark blues and purples this look combines multiple styles in one head turning creation that we see becoming the “it” style for 2018.

Scrunchies and Butterfly Clips

The 90s have been slowly eeking their way back into out style for the last few years, but this is the first year we see the looks appearing in a beautifully unabashed fashion. The fabled scrunchie has been seen on dozens of runways over the last few months, making this item a must have for 2018. Kimmie Schmidt would be proud.

The scrunchie isn’t the only thing making its grand return. Butterfly clips and barrettes have been taking the style world by storm, even making their way back onto the covers of several magazines.

Watch out world! The 90s are back!


Speaking of throwback, another old favorite is attempting to make its return this year. We are speaking, of course, of the perm. While this style staple has never really left, this year we are seeing the process create the long beachy waves that people have been working for years to perfect.

If you want long lasting curls that will lend perfectly to the long messy looks that are so popular, you may want to consider a perm.

Silver and Gold

The gray look of the last few years has faded away to make room for the silver sheen of this trend. Featuring multi-faceted highlights, dark roots, and even pops of oil slick color. This look is the twist on a trend that has become increasingly more popular over the years.

This look can be quite a change, and can take work to get there, especially if you have darker hair. The stylists at Studio and Salon Branca have worked with countless clients to help create this and similar looks.

If this trending look is something that you want to embrace this year, give us a call. We are ready to help you on your journey into a world where everything glistens in facets of silver.

Accent Braids, Just Add Color

Little braids have become increasingly more popular over the last few months, with the tiny plaits tucked into buns and twists and even long beach waves. However you choose to wear, or embellish, this look is sure to be a hit, but if you want to stay up on the styles of the year consider adding a streak of jewel bright color to your braid, making the look that much more unique.

Want to express your personality a little bit more? Grab some jewels and accessories to really make the look sparkle and shine.

The Bang

I don’t think we need to say more. Love it or hate it, the bang is longer, shaggier, and more prevalent this year. If you have ever contemplated taking this plunge, this year might be your time!

Even though this classic look is currently taking the beauty world by storm, it doesn’t fit every face. We recommend scheduling a consultation with your stylist to discuss how a bang would look on your face before you commit.

Which look are you eager to embrace this year?

The stylists at Studio Branca in Creve Coeur and Salon Branca in Chesterfield are ready to help you capture the perfect look for 2018. Are you ready to be on the cutting edge? We are ready to help you make it happen.

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