5 Self-Care Treatments That We Absolutely Love

Feb 22 2018

You do a lot! From having a busy schedule to working long days, you aren’t afraid of hustling. At Branca Salons, we understand the unwanted stress and pressure that happens from day-to-day living.

We are passionate about relieving stress with our self-care services! These self-care treatments are a perfect way to give yourself some extra love.

Below are five of our favorite self care treatments that we offer:

Your feet hold you up all day every day. They often come home tired and sore. Give them some love with our awesome spa pedicure! It is sure to impress with our stimulating peppermint cream and lower leg and foot massage. Topped off with nail buffing and cuticle treatment, it is sure to refresh the sorest of feet.

Can’t seem to manage your mane? Let us at Branca Salons give you a sleek new look with our smoothing treatments. We know that hair comes in a lot of different textures and some textures are harder to handle than others. Our customized treatments are sure to give your hair some relaxation while finding your desired texture.

Give your face a fresh new look! Our Fresh Express Facial is sure to have your skin glowing in no time! This facial is perfect for anyone who has a busy schedule because it doesn’t take up too much time. After the cleansing exfoliation and moisturizing masque your skin is sure to feel wonderful!

Give yourself a brand new look with our makeup application! Our professionals are ready to give you a flawless look that matches perfectly with your style. Whether it’s finding the right shade or changing your makeup to fit with the season, we at Branca Salons have you covered! Let us help you achieve your makeup application dreams.

Don’t have time for an intense chemical peel? Still want your skin to look and feel amazing? Our Aveda plant peel is perfect for you! This peel isn’t abrasive and doesn’t require any down time. The peel works on your skin to help reduce pore size and helps even skin tone. You can leave feeling happy and confident in your skin!

You deserve to feel amazing! Let us take care of you when it comes to self-care. Give us a call at Studio Branca 314-469-1222 or at Salon Branca 636-536-1615 to set up your appointment today.