6 Halloween Hair Tutorials to Get You Ready for Halloween!

Oct 06 2017

Halloween is almost here! It’s the one day a year that dressing up is for everyone, and as an adult, you can let your imagination go wild!

No matter what your age, if you are eager to dress up this Halloween, but aren’t quite sure what you should be, we have six amazing tutorials to get your imagination rolling, and make this Halloween easy!

We hope these easy, and fun, videos help your Halloween go smoothly!

1. Downton Abbey Hairstyle

While this popular show many no longer be on the air, the roaring twenties are still a look everyone loves!

You can find a flapper costumes at any shop, and this tutorial by Kayley Melissa will help you create the perfect hair to match!

2. Deer

Woodland creatures meet glam! Leighann Says gives you an easy to follow “ear” tutorial so you can capture the perfect adorable deer look. The deer makeup tutorial was a huge hit a few years ago, and it hasn’t fallen out of style yet.

3. Mermaid Braid

Fellow hairstylist Jenny Strebe has created the perfect braided hairstyle that can top off your elegant mermaid look this Halloween. For those of us with pink, teal, or purple hair, this style can give you an extra ethereal style.

4. Wonder Woman

Kayley Melissa is back at it again with not one but FIVE beautiful and classy hairstyles to complete you super costume this Halloween. If you’re not about to go solo to your Halloween party, grab four friends and create all five styles!

5. Game of Thrones

Kayley is the ultimate Halloween hair queen, and she proves it with these three hairstyles from the leading ladies of Game of Thrones. Whether you want to tackle a complex updo or a simple braid, one of these styles will change your costume game.

6. Trendy Girl

Everyone loves an easy updo, and Halloween is no exception. For an easy costume that also keeps you perfectly on trend, try space buns and overalls. Welcome to the 90s. You can thank Imogen Fox.

Feel Inspired?

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From everyone here at Studio Branca we hope you have an amazing Halloween!

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