Branca Stylists Tell All! Get Their Favorite Beauty Recommendations!

Dec 13 2017

Are you fighting with your hair? Have you tried everything but nothing seems to be working? If you have, you are not alone! Hair can be a tricky thing, its one of the reasons that we recommend seeing your personal stylist on a consistent basis. Not only does this help your hair to look it’s best, but it gives you an advocate who has knowledge of your hair and knows what it needs.

Are you looking for a new stylist, or are you in search of the perfect product to help your hair look it’s best? The Branca Babes are ready to help you find the perfect product for any problem, and for any hair type!

Here are some of our favorite products, straight from our amazing stylists


EllieFavorite Beauty Product Gift: Kerastase elixir ultime oil

The Recommendation: It is the BOMB! It leaves hair luxuriously soft and solves a variety of issues.

My client’s hair was very brittle, dull and fried, so I recommended elixir. The next visit, my client was over the moon with the difference it made in the condition of her hair.

Ellie’s Position and Specialities: Level 1 stylist and Master Braid Specialist.

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Favorite Beauty Product Gift: Kerastase candle

The Recommendation: It’s the sexiest, [fanciest] smelling candle ever!

I always get compliments on my perfume when I use products from the Chronologiste line.

Suzanne’s Position and Specialities: Level 4 stylist, L’oreal Master Color Artist and Educator

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Favorite Beauty Product Gift: Kerastase VIP

The Recommendation: It can be used on clean or worn-in hair to add volume and texture.


Andrea’s Position: Level 4 stylist

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Favorite Beauty Product Gift: L’oreal Blonde Color Corrector

The Recommendation:This is a must have product for every blonde. It keeps the clarity and shine for your hair while cancelling out brassiness! Rock star product!

I use this product once a week or every other week, and I always get comments on how bright my blonde is after I use it.

Carrie’s Position: Level 4A stylist

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Favorite Beauty Product Gift: Baxter Hydro Salve Lip Balm

The Recommendation: It is the perfect amount of hydration. It’s great for any man or women in your life! Women during the day and men at night

Casey’s Position: Level 4 stylist

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Sarah Catherine

Favorite Beauty Product Gift: L’oreal DD Balm

The Recommendation: It’s great for flyaways and staticy hair. I keep DD Balm in my purse so it’s always there when I need a little shine or moisture for my hair.

Sarah Catherine’s Position:Level 4 stylist

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If you are looking for that perfect gift, or that product to complete your regimen, we have you covered!

Head into one of the Studio or Salon Branca locations to pick up any of these amazing products, and talk to some of our amazing stylists for that perfect product that will bring life back to your style.