How Often Should You Really Get a Haircut?

May 18 2018

You’ve probably heard contradicting answers when it comes to cutting your hair. Should you do it every four weeks or every eight? How often should you cut curly hair? Do you need to trim unprocessed hair as often as processed hair? Haircut frequency all depends on your hair texture and style. We’re here to clear the air and let you know exactly when it’s time to trim those locks!

Curly Hair

When you have super curly hair, you should get a haircut every 12 weeks. If your curls are constantly tangling into each other, it’s time for a trim. Detanglers and combs are great, but when you constantly comb through your hair it will make split ends worse. A lot of frizz is another way to tell that your curly locks are in need of a good trim. Want to grow your curls long? Ask the stylist to remove a quarter inch or less, so there is more hair growth than hair being cut!

Beautiful woman with brunette curly hair and sunglasses.

Unprocessed Hair

If your hair is unprocessed, has never been colored, and hasn’t been exposed to frequent heat styling, you’re in luck. You can go up to three months without a trim without getting major split ends. When people frequently color or bleach their hair, or use straightening and curling irons regularly, it can cause frizz, dehydration, and breakage. Avoiding processing and heat keeps your hair healthier and smoother for much longer!

Young girl with natural red hair.

Long Hair That’s Wavy or Straight

Long hair without layers or a specific shape can be cut every eight to 12 weeks. If you keep your hair moisturized with deep conditioning products and minimize heat damage, you won’t experience frequent split ends or breakage. Just remember that the longer your grows, the more delicate it becomes. Avoid scraggly ends by maintaining your haircut appointments and you’ll have beautiful, flowing mermaid hair for weeks to come!

Young woman with long brunette hair in all black outfit.

Layered Hair

If you’ve got super textured, layered hair, you need to get it touched up every six weeks. Lived-in hair looks great, but when piecey layers grow out too long, they can start to look ragged and messy. Cutting layers every six weeks will keep the lengths fresh and stylish. If you have long, layered hair, wait six to eight weeks for a haircut. This allows the hair length to grow but also makes sure the face-framing, shorter pieces are well-kept.

Woman with very layered brown hair with blonde highlights.

Short Hair

Short haircuts that are clean and sharp need maintenance. Got a sharp, stylish, A-line bob? Get it cut every six weeks. Got a pixie cut or undercut? Growth will start to affect the style pretty quickly, so these cuts need a trim every four weeks if you want to maintain the look. Short hairstyles are a bit of a time commitment in the salon because they lose their shape faster than long hair. But when you keep your short hair trimmed and polished, you’ll spend less time styling it in the morning and always rock a modern, chic look!

Girl with brunette pixie cut.

Color-Treated Hair

Processed hair dries out faster than unprocessed hair. This means it needs to be cut more often to keep damage at bay. Getting rid of dry ends or split ends will make your hair look good and feel healthy. Since color-treated hair is more fragile, aim for a trim every four to eight weeks. If you’re trying to grow out the length, you can wait six or eight weeks. Along with root and all-over color touch-ups, a good trim is a key to keeping your colored hair looking beautiful.

Smiling girl with bright pink colored hair.

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